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[18:55] kamehamepwned: I just found out I never ha lyme. but I might have it now.
[18:55] camwyncwru: that tick from the other day?
[18:55] kamehamepwned: yeah
[18:55] kamehamepwned: but before, chronically - i had colorado tick fever, rocky mountain spotted ever, tularemia or relapsing fever
[18:55] kamehamepwned: but not lyme
[18:56] kamehamepwned: they just found this out
[18:56] kamehamepwned: so now they haveto treat whatever that was too
[18:57] kamehamepwned: an then my eye decided to take a lesson from yours and a vein busted from stress. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.


I really need a vacation. I don't know where or how, but I need a destress stat.


[18:59] kamehamepwned: I have decided this justifies a vacation. XD
[19:00] kamehamepwned: and more rp with less crazy people.
[19:00] camwyncwru: vacations are good things.
[19:02] kamehamepwned: They really are.
[19:03] kamehamepwned: from rin pulling all that reset stuff, i gained a new wanky person (where do these people come from) who said 'if our characers ever get romantic again, i will retire all of them and quit the game'. so to reverse brokeback mountain, i quit her. someone else can deal with that. and i will start going into chat where people are crazy in a good way. an it's such a small thing but it's what triggered it, and if rp,whoever it's related to, does that to my eye, i'm overloading.


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