Mar. 3rd, 2010

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I need to finish my learning of what will be incredibly easy to finish for me, as I was given one under a half-cooked Suzuki method as a child.

But I cannot find classes. Anywhere. Can I shoot something please.
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I Uploading my fanart and and a few rare tracks is far more tedious than you'd think.I am not even going to try to touch the fonts and the Adobe brushes. This last zip has 32 minutes left on it.Then I install Vista then I install 7. And I can't do any typesetting until I'm done... gah! Is there some online program that lets me typeset? :|llow for

I am BORED AS HELL. Oh god. I can't go on messengers either. Someone save me from my own, personal hell.

(PS: Twenty four hours in the yellow of my peak flow or JUST above it. Doctors don't care. Yellow for more than FOUR hours means red. If they don't care, I''ll put whatever happens on their heads. I was proactive, and they shot me down, so I supposed to do, here?)

...56%. Molasses. do.

So weird that people are proud of me that I found something, am pursuing it, and actually doing it. Not saying I will, not researching to a blue cheese moon, but doing it. I thought I would be disowned but that is hardly the case. I have TO SPEND $350 on my first instrument, but it is worth it and absolutely beautiful. This was the second ever instrument in my life, guys. Not that one (mine was plastic and I'm going to make a plastic one to my own specifications), but this nevertheless. That's actually the only reason I got into Gorillaz in the first place, man. DARE with a synth and 2D with his same obsession with the instrument I love.)

72%. I am so sick today because of how many albuterol puffs I had to do and later was made to do. As in larygitis again almost no voice. Fucking hell. 80%. I should make me some eggs to eat.

Someone talk to me here, bleh. :( I wonder if Owen's was born yet. I'm sorry I just now found your offer comment from before in my email, but that's awesome of you and makes me feel safer. I just gotta ride out for a bit and see what happens. <3 But thank you so much.

85%. I want my damn synth already. :| And my Jubilee Melodica. And my other instruments. Pfff. Hey, P-chan, I wanna talk later, are you around?

89%. Where's a mogget. HEY I MISS BOB THE MOGGET AAAAAH

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 jazz, oldies, synth, and hiphop

funny how i'm mixing them all into one, huh?

vista wants my 7 password to install, not the BIOS password. doesn't that defeat the point? it also wants it to wipe the system. i''m fucked.
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email me if you want to talkto me,beause i may be gone for up to a month starting tomorrow. dependson whether i can get ahold of a working computer wile dell has mine.

i can give peopl myphone number tho.


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