Mar. 11th, 2010

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micwarrior ->

micwarrior ->

alleywayninja ->

Because I kept getting asked why the hell I didn't have these things yet, anyway.
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Um, yeah. [ profile] badninja new layout. Already, yes.

When I was ripping this layout apart, I had thought i had a long way to go. But somehow it just clicked in the end. I'm layout experimenting, as I said, and this one is zeitgiest in a controller box. aka, i went for both controlled chaos and free spirit.

um. yay? what is in progress is readability, but that'll be easy enough after a nights' sleep. whee. :D?
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The 'everyone thinks they are right and has equal tools and therefore Carmen Sandiego is having a hell of a lot of fun'?

'Where's Waldo, what's democracy'

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each  layout I make here I run by a design person that is in the business and helping me learn on the go. in a classroom is different. so. i have to both say what i see that I did right/wrong guys, and then she says the overall opinion. that's why I sometimes ramble about crap when I post them, haha. First one I made under this project was considered pushing LJ, looks nice but still functional. this is pushing LJ and looks nice with no function.

my next assignment is to obey lj rules, even the header clean and simple. O CRAP I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT D: it was supposed to wait a week or a few to go up, but since this one has no function, i need to change it by tonight. not like i won't have fun with <i>that</i>. then i do some non lj stuff. which will be a relief because i like making my layouts by my own rules. :(

la la la i am probably booorinnnggg
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Wy woul they tell me that I have one of the worst mental disorders we know of and that most people can't cope with it and become invalids........ a then expect it'll be okay to leave alone for a week.


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