Mar. 19th, 2010

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Here's what I did today:

Had a too much input temporary breakdown
Did laundry literally all day

Our internet is down. for an unforeseeable time. My sister didn't want to be near me so I got no internet. Yay for implying yet again that everything is better off if I stay in my room by myself. She even spent hours trying to fix my Dell just so I would stay in my room. (Turns out it's built so Vista can't be installed and
they forgot to include a little thing known as the install disc. NO WONDER IT WOULDN'T WORK. I have the drivers and utilities, but no actual Windows 7 OS cd.)

*waves teeny tiny white flag*

Look, yo, no castaway, no survivor
I ain't lost and this ain't shipwrecked
I feel small in this big wide world
A mummy ain't said 'Honey, I shrunk the kids' yet
I ain't Jesus but I'm walkin' on water
There's no bombs here, there's no walkers
I can break out of jail with a lighter
So is there any point in making laws, blud
This ain't Atlantis, are you sure
I nearly suffocated when I touched the shore
No rain, condoms it poured and up the road
You'll never guess who I saw

Uh, uh, uh, it's K-A
Look, skip on the beat like Ali in the gym
Honey I'm home this is where I wanna live
Just found it like Nemo on the pillow
I don't know if it's greener, but it's green though
On the other side of the fence, bind to the ends.
No fence, no stress, no rent, no superficial shit, this real flow
Where the women look hot, but the beach cold
And the speech goes like, "Hi little lady"
Sex on the beach, wanna try for a baby
Word in the village, I'm a little bit crazy
Swag up on a hundred degrees, not eighty
Look, if heaven had a VIP, uh, this is it: white sand, blue sea,
But I don't know who they are and I'm damn sure they don't know me
But I come in peace!

Cool! White Flag! White Flag!
No War!
No Guns!
No Corps!
Just life.
Just Love
No Hype.
Just fun.
No ties.
Just me and my mind.
Just me and my wife.
But tell me if I'm dreamin'
'cause I don't wanna wake up till the evenin'
And I don't wanna be left sleepin'
from all the diseases that I breathe in.
Look, respect the island, no stealin'
And don't bring religion here, no three kings.
It's great and we ain't leavin'!
We come on in peace. Sing
White flag?
White flag!

Yeah, sorry kids, living in the doldrums will not make your life better. But it'd be nice if it could!

Also Mick Jones and Paul Simonon arein the Gorillaz house band, at least for Coachella. Isn't this a kind of reunion for them?   hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mike Smith - Keyboards
Jesse Hackett - Keyboards
Paul Simonon - Bass
Cass Browne - Drums
Damon Albarn - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Gabriel Wallace - Drums
Geoff Wotton - Guitar
Mick Jones - Rhythm Guitar

HHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  *stops having a heart attack now* BEEPBEEP BEEP

Yeah, wot.
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Giving up on a general concept that you believe is an essential staple of having a happy and fulfilled life... sucks.

That has nothing to do with any person or place, it's just a fact.

All my stuff from VS is too big. I'm going to the store tomorrow after my X-rays and seeing what they can do about it. Having to layer two swimsuit tops just so you stay in them because they are too big? YEAH, THAT DOESN'T WORK.  :|

I was a 10-12 two weeks ao, now I'm an 8-10. WHEN WILL THIS STOOOPP seriously Wellbutrin is the drug they're 'leaning on' as my RN says, is there a point where the weight loss stops? As chat says: "I really wonder if they have a plan of how to make Wellbutrin STOP what it's doing, considering they intend to keep me on it until they wring out every single bit of time it can work. An 8 is fine but it's starting to hit 'worry zone' for me. "

Have to start hitting the swimming pool soon to get back in shape. Maybe that will help, somehow.

PS: The Good, The Bad, & the Queen is my current repeat playlist. Aaaieee <3


Cara: am I right or wrong for being annoyed at being asked about my stomach:
"Have you been purging? " "" "Are you suuure?" (with that exact tone and length, there.
Tres insulting, insinuates I'd lie.

Bed now. So tired. Bleeeeeeehhh.
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Oh god Nanzan wants two professor recommendations.


oh god what do i do

maybe i can dig up ross from friends from his grave and make him write one

tv = reality 

OOPS I MISSED A REQUIREMENT NEVER MIND but now i know a second one anyway, I forgot my anthro teacher tried to get me to transfer to his new teaching post with him.

Now I just need 9 more months of japanese study, apparently. Ahahaha fail. :(
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I wish I wasn't a perfectionist about knowledge, the fact I did not inform someone who insulted Murdoc for writing 'Noodles' "He should know her name!" that they were off still bugs me. This was like a week ago, god.

But since the very first day they've all called her Noodles as a nickname.

And by not correcting it, anyone who doesn't know won't know.

OCD at work, people. OCD AT WORK.


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