Mar. 20th, 2010

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Am going to the ER sometime between now and late morning, unless something changes. Nrrrggh ow fuck my stomach and back. Yay!

I haven't had to post that song and dance in six and a half months, other than my concussion. I wish I could have made it seven.:(

Unrelatedly, if making a collection of quotes for youtube ends up at 7 minutes long, ought it be split into two youtube videos? Because all of my Gorillaz work on their live concerts/etc is clocking in at 7-9 minutes. Hrm.

Even more unrelatedly, most of my period water weight went to my boobs, and I really mean most of it, I was a 38D two days ago, but for the duration of my period I shall apparently be playing the part of a 42DD. Figures.

Too bad my stomach pain is not related to my period, but I never get cramps but I do get an overabundance of water weight. Hrn.
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Real life: My stomach hurts and I got electrocuted. I has troubling troubles. My grandmother is coming over tomorrow, lord. :|

That's all I got. Shit sucks but I'll move along.

Working on shit: FFF I made a bunch of icons and I can't even post them to our icon com because I don't want to search out where I crosspost in various fandoms. :|  FAAAAILL

Finally cut all the commentary, quips and catchcalls from the Gorillaz liveshow recordings I have and the radio takeovers they did to promote Demon Days. ( Why does Muds and Russ always hit on each other in these things? It's creepy, gdit :| ) Oh look, I can use my degree for something! Oh lol.

Editing makes me want to start a project for Bandom 2.0 but it'd probably blow hard and die. Lol.

Anyone feel like giving a go and telling me where i need to fix shit or what might be good to add or delete? Please and thank you ;.; . I want Final Cut Pro to be on PCs, I just cannot work the way I am trained when given only Windows Movie Maker. Which says bad things, considering... if I've got a degree in editing film, video and audio, shouldn't I be able to use any editing program?

The amount of final files astounds me, there's 8 or 9 videos total, all clocking in between 6-9 minutes. fwhat. They all talk too much. Bah. And? i'm still not done. I'm just taking a 24 hour break.


I find the fact 2d's is the longest (they're 'one hour radio take overs', Murdoc is... nearly five minutes, Noodle is 55, Russ is 40 and 2D is 75. Hurr.) because he talks too much is funny. Did not expect that at all. Also I did not expect to understand everything he is saying. What the hell is that.

He KILLED me in editing. There I am, dead over there. From punching Windows Movie Maker. :| Boo.

Wait, if Superboy Prime can punch time and disrupt everything, what happens if I punch an editing program? OOOPSS.


Health: I have an infected cat-scratch. Do I need to drag out the camera again :|

Mental: Ask privately if you wanna know.

Edumication: May is when I start language studies. Yay!

I want my melodica but cannot justify it. Woe. :x
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I felt like the whole time I was literally incapable of a lot of things, I was letting others down or they would take it as a reason to put someone in my place. That just led into being more incapable than before.

I'm not sure that of that's true, now. I think in the end, the one I was letting down was myself.


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