Mar. 24th, 2010

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People keep being curious about what tonalization is and why I spend two hours a day on it. Because of this, I recorded? Ought I slap it up, is anyone interested?

I want to regain my instruments by July - I think if I save a little each month and use birthday money, I can do it. The clavinet and melodica are oddly cheaper than I thought they would be. My new try, acoustic stringed acoustic sitar (or: non electric keytar) is pretty cheap, too. Eventually I want/need a regular keytar and some turntables, but that'll be around October, I think. Budgeting benefits me! Whee!

But for now, I brush up on tonalization. Tomorrow I am recording my first all original songs. (Work in Progress + Five Step Jam).

Tomorrow I also map hat schematics, and catch up on my sleep dep. Then I get online and have happy fun times! Whee!

That, um,is a lot of whees.

If my stomach gives even one twinge tomorrow, I'm taking it and us to an ambulance. Even if my sister refuses to or can't go. Because the one problem has turned into three. That's pretty bad.

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I really enjoy how I'm not allowed to be upset about or even speak of some issues in my life.

When they cause an old personality to manifest again (though Cass is secondary to me, she really is there for Henry), they're crap.

I need to get the 30 minute test ran so I can get papers for my DID. "Maybe, maybe not" doesn't cut it, okay?

My RN may also push through the admit to Huron Oaks on Thursday to help me learn how to handle the borderline diagnosis. But I will still have my laptop there and be on from 9-12.

I'm going to think about other things now. Screw all of this.-.-

Give us the LA tickets, G Club! We wants them please! (After I get my money online.WAIT UNTIL THEN SO AT LEAST STELLA AND I HAVE TICKETS. Operate around my schedule! Feel the waves of love!

Yeah, now I'm just weird.)

Still need crash space in LA. I'm afraid of the motels there, and especially afraid of one alone.
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I have not slept proper since, um, Saturday night/sunday morning? Considering how many times in the past year I've ended up with sleep dep psychosis because of all this, you would think they would treat the insomnia, but nope. It is considered a 'minor problem'.

It's funny the things people can say when they're not going through it themselves, yeah?

89 hours of being awake. I wonder how high that will get? :D

Also, for future ref, if I'm offline, PM your message or email it. I can't read stuff sent when i'm offline... trillian doesn't let you.
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On Tuesday April 20, 2009 the Michigan Lyme Disease Assocation will be sponsoring the showing of the Movie "Under our Skin" at the:

Besse Center Theater
Bay Community College
2001 N. Lincoln Road
Escanaba, MI.

Admission is Free.
Movie starts at 7pm.

For more information please call 1-888-784-5963
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I never expected I'd have to be thinking so hard on this again )

Just. Rrr. I know I need to start thinking about this again so I can find out what treatment I need for apparently having Colorado Tick Fever too. I need to get a test done that makes even me wince at how much pain it will involve, so I'm not even going to approach it. All I'll say is that it will be on the same level of pain as a bone marrow biopsy and leave it at that.

Apparently Ben Stiller is being tested for lyme? His son already has it and it's now looking like he does, too. He's left with 'lyme disease versus invasive procedure'. The article cites him preferring the lyme, but it also says lyme is easily treatable, so I'm going to call bullshit that he actually said that.

Bull. shit.


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