Mar. 31st, 2010

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tearing apart and putting back together another <lj user="mintyapple"> layout. it's far from finished but i keep screwing stuff up because i'm, banner.andsomereally fucked up shit.

i'm proud of the banner.
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Schools I am applying to:
  1. College of the Atlantic (<3)
  2. Columbia College Chicago (tour May 7)
  3. (reapply) University of Denver (bleh)
  4. Juilliard (......!)
  5. Western Michigan University (<3)
Schools I need to check into:
    • Berklee College of Music (?)
    • College for Creative Studies (...)
    • Cornish College (hmm)
    • Grand Valley State (ehhhh)
    • Eastern Michigan University (double bleh)
    • Kendall College (?)
    • Massachusetts Institute of Art (?)
    • School of the Art Institute of Chicago (?)
    • Tisch (!)
    • University of Michigan (eh?)

???? Any ideas, guys? I need audio arts and music. Thanks~
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My day, so far: I couldn't fall asleep until six despite trying from eleven pm onward. I really, really need to ask my RN to prescribe me at least a temporary sleeping pill. Or just ask if I can start taking benadryl again until I see psych. Because I woke up at 10 am to call the lyme psych like she asked me to, but I realized I would neither perceive nothing or be able to explain anything, so I had to take the route that was a little less bad, which was go back to sleep. But I think they'll understand it since I was recently re-infected and that's a big reason why I'm calling. My body is so drained because all these bacteria, whatever they are, are multiplying rapidly right during my open lyme cycle, so they're each encouraging the other to develop even faster. It's like rabbits in my gut, my god.

Tomorrow, then, is calling the psych, loading up all the tests I want on this computer (I have no printer), as well as the pictures I recently found of the EM rash in 2006 and the bartonella infection sites in 2009. I'm going to tell her to do whatever, I will pay for it. I know the Stricker CD-57 Panel alone is $150, but it's valuable in that it signifies something is lowering my immune system, even if it does not say what.

Also bringing the article on the new antibiotic.

We'll see what happens. My bravery will be rewarded by swimming. ;_; I've wanted to for so long. Now I get to, once a week. Yaaay.
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I have insomnia against the nap to help me today and spite my insomnia.

What the fuck even. What the fuck even, world? Come on!

Either way I will be on at 8 as promised unless the internet is down. Pirated internet + pre-tornado season wind = no show go. Yeah, yet another topper towards losing my best friend if I can't. Awesome.

[Edit: Oh man, I was showing Cass Feel Up and she noticed something I didn't - when the awards camera was over with the Madonna hologram instead of the Gorillaz holograms, at one point Noodle started singing Hung Up along with Madonna, not just playing background guitar, but a leading vocal! Then she remembered she wasn't supposed to and stopped. I have so many songs where she does this.



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