Apr. 1st, 2010

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A vein just busted in my eye from stress.

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whoop de whopp, insomnia again. so i took the time to mark up prelim schematics for stella and i's LA hats, find similar ones to hers that will help guide me, etc. stella i need to know what you're sticking the bf in since i'm making them all this weekend XDD

wheee. next step is converting this to line only on a grid, and blowing pieces up.
whooo. i will not say why my hat (most upper left) has so many references on the page. we'll just have to see about that one, hmm? :D.

hats are a go-go.
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[18:55] kamehamepwned: I just found out I never ha lyme. but I might have it now.
[18:55] camwyncwru: that tick from the other day?
[18:55] kamehamepwned: yeah
[18:55] kamehamepwned: but before, chronically - i had colorado tick fever, rocky mountain spotted ever, tularemia or relapsing fever
[18:55] kamehamepwned: but not lyme
[18:56] kamehamepwned: they just found this out
[18:56] kamehamepwned: so now they haveto treat whatever that was too
[18:57] kamehamepwned: an then my eye decided to take a lesson from yours and a vein busted from stress. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.


I really need a vacation. I don't know where or how, but I need a destress stat.


[18:59] kamehamepwned: I have decided this justifies a vacation. XD
[19:00] kamehamepwned: and more rp with less crazy people.
[19:00] camwyncwru: vacations are good things.
[19:02] kamehamepwned: They really are.
[19:03] kamehamepwned: from rin pulling all that reset stuff, i gained a new wanky person (where do these people come from) who said 'if our characers ever get romantic again, i will retire all of them and quit the game'. so to reverse brokeback mountain, i quit her. someone else can deal with that. and i will start going into chat where people are crazy in a good way. an it's such a small thing but it's what triggered it, and if rp,whoever it's related to, does that to my eye, i'm overloading.
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I am not in a ward. Yay for me! I found out I never had lyme disease, but a tick-carried disease from Colorado that they have to identify. But now I may have lyme disease.

The fact I lost seven pounds in a week helped nail in the idea that something went wrong when I got bit. This means I was never infected with anything in Maine. That's really interesting. Or rather, kind of world shaking. Huh.

Okay, what you are all really here for, if you know the situation. If you don't, well, Rinko and I don't speak anymore, but somehow it turned into wankfest 101.
EDIT: Now with less borked code!

This quote has never been more fitting, unfortunately.


The poor, dragged in, mentioned others:

The guide:

# http://guitarstarsolo.livejournal.com/2059.html This was the first hint that something had gone topsy-turvey.

# http://guitarstarsolo.livejournal.com/3363.html Followed on the same day.

# http://guitarstarsolo.livejournal.com/2623.html We then come to this yesterday.

# Following this, I come to believe the best next step is warding myself.

# http://guitarstarsolo.livejournal.com/3036.html This follows after thorough talking it over with the wonderful souls who gave advice.

# http://guitarstarsolo.livejournal.com/3274.html More today. I am better today, no ward.

# http://badninja.livejournal.com/1374523.html The small explanations can be the best.

# http://mic-soldier.livejournal.com/3451.html But we find she's involved Pat by defriending him two weeks after still trying to score sex off of him, defriending Henry as well.

# An email was sent with a simple inquiry.

# http://mic-soldier.livejournal.com/3673.html This is what comes next.

That's all we've got so far. I hope to fucking God that's the end of it.


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