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My day, so far: I couldn't fall asleep until six despite trying from eleven pm onward. I really, really need to ask my RN to prescribe me at least a temporary sleeping pill. Or just ask if I can start taking benadryl again until I see psych. Because I woke up at 10 am to call the lyme psych like she asked me to, but I realized I would neither perceive nothing or be able to explain anything, so I had to take the route that was a little less bad, which was go back to sleep. But I think they'll understand it since I was recently re-infected and that's a big reason why I'm calling. My body is so drained because all these bacteria, whatever they are, are multiplying rapidly right during my open lyme cycle, so they're each encouraging the other to develop even faster. It's like rabbits in my gut, my god.

Tomorrow, then, is calling the psych, loading up all the tests I want on this computer (I have no printer), as well as the pictures I recently found of the EM rash in 2006 and the bartonella infection sites in 2009. I'm going to tell her to do whatever, I will pay for it. I know the Stricker CD-57 Panel alone is $150, but it's valuable in that it signifies something is lowering my immune system, even if it does not say what.

Also bringing the article on the new antibiotic.

We'll see what happens. My bravery will be rewarded by swimming. ;_; I've wanted to for so long. Now I get to, once a week. Yaaay.
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Schools I am applying to:
  1. College of the Atlantic (<3)
  2. Columbia College Chicago (tour May 7)
  3. (reapply) University of Denver (bleh)
  4. Juilliard (......!)
  5. Western Michigan University (<3)
Schools I need to check into:
    • Berklee College of Music (?)
    • College for Creative Studies (...)
    • Cornish College (hmm)
    • Grand Valley State (ehhhh)
    • Eastern Michigan University (double bleh)
    • Kendall College (?)
    • Massachusetts Institute of Art (?)
    • School of the Art Institute of Chicago (?)
    • Tisch (!)
    • University of Michigan (eh?)

???? Any ideas, guys? I need audio arts and music. Thanks~
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tearing apart and putting back together another <lj user="mintyapple"> layout. it's far from finished but i keep screwing stuff up because i'm, banner.andsomereally fucked up shit.

i'm proud of the banner.
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Connecticut Pathologist Debuts Lyme Disease Test Based on Nested PCR, DNA Sequencing
March 30, 2010

By Kirell Lakhman

A scientist in Connecticut has launched a test that uses nested PCR and DNA sequencing to detect the presence of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease, according to a statement today.

"Most insurance companies have already agreed to cover the cost for their members," the statement said, without elaborating.

The test, called LoTemp, makes its debut ahead of the spring and summer tick season in the eastern US.

Other PCR-based tests for the indication exist, "[b]ut this is the first … one using nested PCR for detection and DNA sequencing to validate the molecular diagnosis in clinical laboratory medicine."

The assay, developed by Sin Hang Lee, a pathologist at Milford Hospital in Milford, Conn., is can be used before patients undergo traditional serology testing for the bug. More than 30,000 people in the US are suspected to be infected with the spirochete B. burgdorferi each year.

The test uses nested PCR to detect genomic DNA of B. burgdorferi in blood, and uses Sanger-based DNA sequencing and diagnostic signature sequences found in GenBank to validate the result, according to the statement.

Up to 75 percent of patients with "acute-phase Lyme disease are negative for the characteristic antibodies, but in fact the percentage is higher," the statement said. However, a negative result does not rule out the presence of the bacteria because spirochetemia, or the presence of spirochetes in the blood, "is transient and its time points in Lyme [disease] vary from patient to patient."

A paper co-authored about the test, which appears in the current of the American Journal of Clinical Pathology, said the test "may be a valuable supplement to the current serologic tests for Lyme disease."

"It is the marriage of [nested PCR and DNA sequencing] that minimizes false-negatives to the lowest possible and eliminates false-positives known to be associated with other Lyme disease DNA tests," it said.

Copyright © 2010 Genomeweb LLC.
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Dude.I really hate it when I am not told whether something's a joke on me or a real thing.

La nozionismo, li confonde me. Not the right time to do so!
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For once I'm not paying attention to my post count, because this is important to repost.
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Maybe the fact I was just re-bit will be a blessing and not a curse.

New test for Lyme disease
Updated: Monday, 29 Mar 2010, 6:00 PM EDT
Published : Monday, 29 Mar 2010, 5:12 PM EDT

Jocelyn Maminta
Milford, Conn. (WTNH) - A new test will help diagnose Lyme disease earlier, leading to more effective treatment.

As warm weather approaches so does the season of ticks and Lyme disease. Infected deer ticks are the culprits.

"This is a definitive molecular diagnosis of Lyme disease," explained Dr. Sin Hang Lee, Milford Hospital.

It took a year and a half in the research lab at Milford Hospital for Dr. Lee to develop a definitive way to diagnose Lyme disease using the DNA of the Lyme bacteria.

"This is the first using DNA sequencing to confirm diagnosis of Lyme spirochete DNA," Dr. Lee said.

But the window of opportunity is short. Key to this test is when the blood is drawn. Dr. Lee says it should be done on the onset of symptoms - clear evidence the bacteria is in a patient's blood.

"Every patient is different because from the time of the tick bite to symptoms, it may take three days, it may take 30 days," he said.

The sample is amplified twice to ensure a DNA match. Dr. Lee points out if there's a positive result it leads to early treatment.

More on the test has been publishes in the latest American Journal of Clinical Pathology.

In addition, I bit the bullet.

Sessions Confirmation Page

Thanks for pre-registering for a Columbia Session! The sessions are scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm with check-in starting at 12:30pm (except for Boston, San Francisco, and St. Louis: check-in begins at 6:30pm, presentation starts at 7pm). Each session lasts approximately 2 hours, followed by a Q&A. Nonetheless, our admissions counselors will be sure that you leave the session feeling thoroughly informed (and hopefully absolutely thrilled) about Columbia! We look forward to meeting you, getting to know you, and helping you decide whether Columbia is the right fit!


My intended major is Audio Art and Acoustics. Fancy.
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.....yeah, I admit that sent me for a discography.

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Last night was the end of my active tonalization exercises. I still need to actively match tones for a few minutes a day, but not two hours a day. Since I was supposed to match Gorillaz, the length of my breath has improved, which is a big part of why they were picked for me to do. (I find the order of how I got back in funny. Here, you have to do this discog for training! What, this band? Umm...!) I can hit falsetto now, the only problem I have going between falsetto and another tone very easily.

For the second hour yesterday I was starting my new assignment for the next month, which is to get existing rap-beats down and eventually try to match the beat with my own words spur of the moment, then my own beats as well. The assignment is to also manage to match song that are intentionally incomprehensible. There will be a set of songs across the board, but since it was the end of Gorillaz month, I had to test on a few of theirs.


Feel Good, INC (CD): B+ apparently I've backtracked on this one, shoot.
Clint Eastwood (multiple versions): A HOW THE HELL DID I DO THAT
Punk: B- :|
Rock the House: B+
Dirty Harry: A- (Wait... WHAT?!)

Originality (tempo, tone, words, etc)
Overall: C

....well, apparently I'm on a good start. I need to round out my track list for the month with three other bands and some odd numbers, any suggestions?
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I have a 101 fever and I feel like crap. Someone comment with awesome? :(
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*points wildly* AAAAAAAAAAAAH


*points wildly some more* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!



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[Error: unknown template qotd]
 "We're all stardust."
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I have NEUROLOGY tomorrow! I have to go! They are the most likely to give me Tigecycline! But I have no insurance transportation, no bus, not anything. What the heck do I do? Seriously, advice, guys?

<i>[00:10] kamehamepwned:
 [12:20] AttRelay: ##### RING 1! You have an incoming call from 323-***-****.
[00:11] brundle324:, that pulled up a person
[00:11] brundle324: Almeda *****
  (323) ***-****
  Los Angeles, CA *****
[00:12] brundle324: Any idea?
[00:14] kamehamepwned:</i>

................................anyone try to call me?

I literally just. woke up. after crashing on Mary around 6:31. I am sorry to anyone I'd said I'd be on and wasn't. :/ I have to get all the tick tests re-ran. Hopefully this new infection, whatever it is, is just lyme, and will also make it come up positive. Ffffft.

My head hurts so bad I am seriously going "CAN I DRINK MYSELF TO SLEEP". What a solution.
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i hurt like every single part of my body is pierced by swords no excepion. fabric makes it worse. but it's col, i need to have clotes!

whyzit urt so ba. has not in a year. whyy go away pain i hate you i can''t stand this level but nobody woul o nothin about it if i asked i dunno


omsomeone make it stop come on :(o

k sister made me do a pain shot


either i'm infected with more lyme or something new

ffuck my life, man. fuuck my life
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anyone have any advice on how to write an email to an old professor/boss asking for a letter of rec?

apping college want two academic recs... shit, man. i may have to rely on high school for this, and i don't know that they'd like that.


Mar. 27th, 2010 07:37 pm
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It looks like I got infected. Again. I am literally watching the bullseye rash (at least I have that this time) form, it's like a fucking time lapsed photo.

Why the fuck - you know, I'm not even going to ask why life does this anymore. It just does shit.

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Sorry I wasn't on earlier, guys. Cass isn't used to the new sleep drill yet, turned off my music at track five (Gorillaz - forum Starshine 00:54.The very beginning instruments, Two seconds of guitar riff, but it was the fricking creepy whatever-the-hell noise at the beginning. Does anyone know if I can set mp3s to only start at a certain timestamp? I'm not going to cut that or M1A1 apart, but I don't want the creeper parts in!

Cass: No, do not do that, I must learn to love all animals, creepering or not. It's cute...?
Me: That's a dude pretending to be a gorilla.
Cass: Ohh. Well, then he's cute!

......I love the way her mind works.

Hey.HEY WHAT THE HELL WHERE IS EVANGELION 3.0 (Version: Q Quickening)?! Apparently fans faked the January release or got it completely wrong, can we put whoever started that up at a wall and shoot paintball guns at them?

I want my movie that has Kaworu in the whole thing and sets up him being the central character in 4.0! GIVE ME MY MOVIE THAT DOES THIS AAAAAH?!

"The concept of "序,破,急(jo-ha-kyū)", which roughly corresponds to "beginning", "middle", and "end", originated in classical gagaku music and is best known to describe the acts of a play. In lieu of the traditional classification, the production team has chosen to represent 急(kyū, pronounced /ˈkjuː/, lit. bursting) with the roman letter Q, for "quickening."

I think the wiki writer forgot about the Q Document... *fixes, sneaks away*

Bundles of various topics. If you read it all, you get a cookie muffin. Bleh, sugar. )


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