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Just fuck it all.

Need to make for this arrangements for this when the G-Club is up, as tickets to England are so cheap this year that it's sometimes $250 American for both ways in total. Rather, not $500, but $250 to cross seas twice. Since once I get to Nanzan I will not have any time to travel and what I do use will be for places like Battleship Island, I will try to be able to do this first for leisure. We'll see what happens when the datese go up with ticket prices. One of the goals of my health clinic is to make me do things like this, I was told to relax, leisure, do new things, try to go someplace new, try to go overseas. I get the feeling they are trying to prevent an ulcer. My RN told me to wait until May 2011 to start at Nanzan, but then said this.

Maybe I'll nap. I haven't slept yet. Oh yeah, psychiatric led my questions around, they're making some new diagnosis (whatever) and saying whatever it is means I have to go to CSTS. Not that they are telling me what they think I have. I told my RN a long time ago, if it's CSTS or nothing, I will pick nothing. She said she will make sure I don't go there, but until I see it, I will continue to feel like I'm screwed over.

(Probably because I am)

I traded having a Vaio for a concert weekend, an overseas concert, two airplane trips and updating this thing. <i>And yet my sister is still paying me back at least $500 less</i> Ahaha, I'll focus on that instead. :| Or at least try.

I ought to go empty me some buckets. I also need to figure out who's worth seeing that we do not recognize. Ummm.

<!-- <i>a floating sound and the same vocal from the same drum over the wind - </I>

so please forgive me before i'm gone tonight you take a part of my life
it's not the end of the world we're breaking the rules it's fine --/>



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