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Wrote a huge entry earlier. LJ deleted it. Aaaaaaaaahhhh. Anyway I couldn't sleep last nice *waves flag* I guess I'll sleep till 3 and then go to my appointment and come back.

This has got to come cheaper in some other form than this.In any case at my weigh-in yesterday I was 238, which equals a 50 pound weight loss since I started. Just 58 until I am where I was when I moved home.

More later, tired now, LJ is mean. At 4:30 I get a new prescription so I can get new glasses and I find out whether or not I need that new eye surgery. What I'm not looking forward to is next week, I have a temporary disorder where I'm on so many drugs they're conflicting and causing worse illnesses than the medicines are supposed to be treating. They're thinking of putting me in ward, yanking me off every damn thing cold turkey and then slowly putting a few back on. Since this will (not may, but will) happen within the next week, I need to get my payee to order some Skullcandy wireless mp3 headphones (37-45 no shipping price and good standing quality, cheapest I've seen that comes with memory too.) as soon as possible. I'd rather have someone buy them and fax him an invoice - he pays by next day, always, that way - but I don't know. I really don't want to ask that of anybody. I'm just glad I can get the $11 I owe out tomorrow. Makes me feel self sufficient AND pays a friend. No loss! No catch 22! Hurr.

There's four total on [website] for half the price. . Will link at my sister later to see what we can do. I am not going cold turkey off of 10 meds all at the same time without my music, nor are they going to make me. To have headphones on a ward they need to be wireless. Bang. Wireless. Try and stop me now, fuckers.
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Birds are carrying lyme disease, now? As in, they have it and also carry the ticks and drop them various places? (bombs away) Can I get a confirm or deny on this? (Kat, have you heard anything to this effect?)

If this is true, I will be more - I will move up north, okay, birds don't fly in Mackinac City or the island. The most they fly is 60 feet up, because all the tourists feed them, so they are not scared of humans. Oh, but you say, so many trees? Screw the trees! But spiders carry it too. I have a shoe! What if worms get it, or it can mist out of the sidewalk? Then I will go to hell after shooting everyone around me!

God. How will we avoid ticks now?


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