Mar. 26th, 2010

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I go back on lyme treatment soon, but now they know I have bartonella, cat scratch fever, lyme and colorado tick fever.

I've been told that the likely treatment will be pulsing Rocephin IV with quinine oral.

Does this mean I have no off days? That I take one or 4 days, the other for 3?

Does rocephin come in an IM form? I don't want a PICC line!

Is there anything I can do to help myself other than probiotics, prebiotics, burbur, acidophilus and l-carnitine?

I've never hit my infections this hard before. I know I have to, but it's scary.

Is it true you have to hit a fever of 106 before it breaks and then the bartonella is gone?
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I need to do something random and completely off to bonkers land with my room or it's just going to stay a pit of depression (I have to sleep where my mother almost died).

So tomorrow... well, you'll all see. It'll rock.

My sister's going to think I've gone a little crazy, but I am a little crazy, and I'm tired of repressing the fact I'm so energetic people label it as that.

Mah Nemo says that nobody belonged in the first place if they greet my real self by acting bitchy, and she's not the first. I'll try, I really will. We'll see how it goes.
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HEY STELLA, I'm doing a fabric run online tonight for the hats. Have a messenger? You can influence my decisions! Ohoho.

My nose keeps bleeding a lot, I think I'll be taken off of my allergy med and put on another one, again. I got sleep yesterday but then I couldn't sleep at all at night so... pretty much nothing got done for me, though I guess I can think clearer and I am not a rapid spin of an emotional teacup.

I've had sleep deprivation psychosis (confirmed) twice in the last year, other unconfirmed times (like now). But they haven't done anything about it yet. God.

At least I know I have a package today. Need to call Dell. And hope my checks are at the postal box.

I have such a goddamn migraine. People who know Gorillaz, please drop me prompts for drabbles, I have to actually get into writing what I want to write, and challenges are good for that. I surprised someone the other day by saying half the reason I listen to Gorillaz is for tonalization. That's a surprise, really? Hrm.

Well, I'll have to puzzle over that one, but apparently even my sister is catching on ("Put music on to try to sleep, and I don't think Gorillaz would work.XD"). Except that I... put their music on when I go to sleep. HAHA WHOOPS.

They have new music and I'm not interested in bands on the scene right now (you've gotta have a certain moodset for that, I think), so sue me. XD;

I think I am going to make the tie-dye octopus from Plastic Beach art and give it to Damon in LA. He'll either think I'm creepy or awesome. I really hope it's the latter. ;.;

Cobra Starship is gonna be here in...May, I think? I have to check. Gonna see them, I have no excuse not to? It's a free concert as far as I know, since EMU footed the bill. It'll be awesome~

I've been working on Wolfe, INC again, it's nice. I think it's about ready to hit second draft (first draft started badly). I just need to set out a timeline, then go!.
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One of my swimsuit tops now fits! Yay! I lost 14 pounds in two weeks, yay at weighing 230, nay at how I lost it.

Apparently I have an auto-immune disease of the bladder. "Do you drink caffeine?" "Yes." "Yeah, stop that, it's making your bladder eat itself from the inside."


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Comment with a clip of song lyrics, and we can have song rp! The guidelines are:
*You don't have to be an rper to do this! 
*The only way to respond is with a song that fits what the character could or would say.
*You can direct this at a specific character or I'll roulette it.
*You don't even need a character journal.

Comment! Have fun! It will keep us all cheery - now go! :D

(Unrelatedly, Jo, do you still have the Puzzle and Key story somewhere? I lost the link and I love what there is so much, it inspires me to write each time I read it. I also want to show it to a friend if that's okay, or not if it's...not. But yeah! <3?)
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I guess I should elaborate on earlier, huh.

I have a vitamin C deficiency. Depending on how bad it is, I'll either be on pills for it (OTC) or injections.

I have rosacia apparently. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THIS IS. I just know people always used to compliment me on the fact I always had pink cheeks. YEAH DUDES MY SYMPTOM OF A DISEASE IS ADORABLE

[16:42] バカメ!|(ﺧ益ﺧ)|ミサ I'd your 2D penis: it's like having the ability to shoot venom from your eyes
[16:43] Phones: oh my god that woul be AWESOME
[16:44] Phones: throw in raptors and we're golden

If I can't get Health ACCESS to wise up soon, I'm being borked into full ward for a seven day cycle and then bounced to treatment. rrrraaahhh. At least they're not taking away all my meds and then adding them back like they said.

I need to sleep oh god someone make me sleep I need it to function.


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