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May have to go off Abilify. Fuck that. Anyway, I'm calling my RN today. What do I even have left?! I guess they should try Tegretol XR at this point, huh? Maybe I can get them to load up on Lamictal XR, too.

Want to load up Audiobooth and edit my mix. want to go to chat and talk. everything whatever wathever. it's not a good idea because if I move too much in the night, I get...


(come on, you knew I was gonna do that, even if LJ accused me of saying I'd do gonads.)

(I could put one of the 'regular' versions there, but I think it sounds most interesting with Damon over it.)

PS: 2D's switched to an awfully familiar guitar and style on this cd. HMMMM. Among other things, but I'll go on about that later, too tired. :x

Gotta look for speed-ode to joy later. and the regular one.Mrr, I woke up thought it was 5pm lol. But  I went to bed late. Why won't they give me an actual sleep aid at this point? This is so ridiculous.

it looks like even though nobody can go to coachella, i'll meet new people there. that'll be pretty cool, yeah? a little ?! to be staying at a campsite with a bunch (or two) of unofficial-official-unofficial gorillaz people. but awesome, too.

everyone wants a 101 lately. i have so many to write, but forgot some requests. LJ lets the poll exist, and not embed, so please go here: thank you! No, apparently it wants to leave the poll umblemished. Good thing I had it saved. PLEASE VOTE IN COMMENTS I GUESS

"Poll #1529043
Open to: All, detailed results viewable to: All

101s are fun!
Red Dwarf
Tick Tick tickey ticks and overmedicated. 'How does one work when they literally have no spoons every day?' I do too >:
The rise and fall of Blur vs the rise and fall of Gorillaz (but both are recovering. Yay!)
Write one entirely in engrish or pirate speak. BECAUSE I CAN.
"Why is Spider-man an idiot now?" and other comic blunders with hopeful for overtime.
Movies and you: why is every film qualified at exactly the oppisite quality of the trailer?
Tom Sawyer is remembered for all his schemes, but hardly any of them came out right because of him. Tom and Huck 101
Bandom 2.0: WHY?
Zombies. Always zombies.
How to make theatre props that imitate but look good for v. small prices. You can hold a Ming Vase after a $50 budget!
Alchemist history! If you look at the FMA mangaka alone, she's REALLY far into this. Current plot is based on an extreme rare ritual for alchemists, but the most important as part of a large plan underneath the pursuit of gold and the ultimate element.
Other! Give me other!

Ask me anything else and thou shalt receive.


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