Mar. 10th, 2010

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I'm not bipolar.


today (in scene that will be written after the flu), kaworu nagisa pledged everything he thinks he has to nabari; or rather, to the king of it. body for protection, soul for the will of it. he does not believe he has the figurative manifestation of the heart, everything that goes along with it. does that make him the third to do so?

anything that's left is rei's.

i will not tell where yoite is, but he is. he pledged himself at both of them. akito pledged at kaworu.

what exactly are they all doing? how does it connect?

i get befuddled trying to even think about it.
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Does anyone know where you can get really cheap instruments to use and practice with until you've got the real thing? I can't buy my melodica until June or July, and renting sounds creepy and skeevy.

I've been doing as much of the Suzuki method as I can, to try to brush it up again. But I was taught that singing is a share experience if you're doing it like that, so if I seriously practiced singing I woul betray my own training.  >:

In the meantime I have a new band crush, I think, but he's on probation before I become his fan. After Jon Walker turning into his evil twin, JONATHAN WALKER, one finds theselves cautious.

Yes, I realize it was dorky to put it that way. That's why I did!


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