Mar. 15th, 2010

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I ban today. Can I go to sleep and start over tomorrow?
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I found out today that yes, that actually is Bruce Willis in Stylo.

I can now say I have an rp character whose alternate cyborg version lost a shoot-down fight with Bruce Willis.

"And had a cop get sucked up by 2D behind and in front of her!" chimes Pat.

Somehow that sounds really wrong and I DON'T KNOW WHY.

What even, man. Oh well.


..I'm a size 10W pants now. Let's repeat that. Size 10.

This being that the pants I was wearing before I went on my diet + welbutrin were too small for me but I had to wear them anyway, they were a size 22W.

Iiii can also fit into small shirts and commit crimes by being all BOOBIES or wear a medium for now.

...I think what I ordered from VS is too big...

I can't even imagine what's going to happen once I start physical rehab this week. I never even imagined getting this far.

No wonder I can't wear my frickin bra anymore. Jeeze.
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<i>[19:04] brundle324: [pharmacy 1] will be delivering the...mix...thingy, but not the Zofran, because apparently they are not able to order that kind. [phamacy 2] has filled it, and I gave you a pharmacy stop tomorrow so you can get it.</i>


...right, I haven't had my welbutrin in two days, thatbasically turns me into every hyper-dumb character ever. THANK YOU GODS ABOVE though that hopefully soon I am unlocked out of this goddamn bedrest.

4 out of 5 Gorillaz say drabbles about the band are healing! (...) So I am writing some right now while taking a test. I need something to clean the cooties off after I finish this Murdoc/2D request. ffffttt.

I got like, the cheapest copy of Rise of the Ogre ever, just so I can get the concept of Paula out of my head (she doesn't seem very awesome and she's bollocks if a six year old is better than her at a guitar, even a musical kamikaze soldier). Plus I wanna find out if stuff I heard like "FALLING OUT OF A TREE AND HITTING HIS HEAD TURNED 2D'S HAIR THAT WAY. AND IT STUCK." is true. Because it would be, knowing these guys.

Welbutrin withdrawal hurts, why does it kick in so soon? In any case, whatever I say I get yelled at for, so clearly I'm not on an operative level right now. I'll go on chats if my meds come, but I severely doubt they will.

I'll be on here, at least.


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