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Three dates of release. March 3, March 8, and March 9. March 9 is what I get, so I'm counting down until then.

Seven days until the Japanese edition, thirteen for you UKers, and fourteen for us Americans.

After it comes out, I'll be tapering down the Gorillaz pictures, and pushing up the others, like Devo, Muse, and Thom Yorke. As we count down to March 9, the photo previews are going to get slowly darker, possibly indicated by my icon.

Happy go lucky (as close as this group can get) will interspersed through, of course, but Point Nemo Island is not a very nice place and the four years since we've seen them have changed the group a lot. Most are mind controlled by Murdoc; reprogramming, both literaral and metaphysical, took care of that job. I've been holding my 101 until today. I'm napping until 8, then I'll get up and start the first 101 post. I'd meant to get up at 7 and I apologize for that changing. Apparently I have insomnia now for naps, too. Fuck that, man. Srs.

We're playing a lot of guess work with what is going on at what is also called Plastic Island, but what we do know is that it's all coming to a head right here and now. Nobody's playing games anymore except Murdoc, and it's likely he'll be playing Jack arnd Jill for that for the rest of his possibly shortened life. Nobody ever said that taking over Hell and then giving it back up was an easy job, you know!

Mmm. It's coming up, it's Dare?

(Does anyone know where I can get pictures of boxes action figures were in? Like <a href="">this</a>, Idon't care about anything but the box picture because of what it means.

Fffffft I wonder if they took it off the book or something, it's got to be somewhere.)ori


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