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goddamn you fuuma!miharu - bar plot nobody knows yet!miharu stop taunting me with the fact your app is a lot easier. YOU'RE JUST PEEVED AT WHAT NOODLE IS GOING TO DO IN THE BAR YES I SAID IT :|

The only reason I've been Gorillaz-centric lately is Plastic Island's upcoming release. March 10 for the States, March 7 for the UK, march 3 for japan. As Japan gets the most at the earliest time and even more by pre-ordering, one must pre-order unless they want to spend like, probably $100 on this version. pre-order japan Gorillaz: Plastic Island 'The Experience Edition'. extra tracks, extra goods packed in, a poster, etc.

Which is awesome, but not, because now I need to constantly run around in stress and anxiety until the 20th about trying to get this, and then super fucking stress after hoping I can still pre-order and not just order, and really? That stress isn't worth a damn thing. I have to find a proxy whlready
I just hate playing a pity party on myself. But I think all of us are running around with this crap, considering this was only announced last week. A lot of people have already pre-ordered the basic edition at the same price as the Experience Edition is everywhere that is not Japan.

goddamn racket, that's what this is. and all we can do is stand there with a bowl asking for more.


Here's where I have to sit down and take about 15 pages of information for a milliways app and see if I can write one in 300-500 words and still say everything I need to and not go into tangents. like, shit. m1A1 = first song to play at every phase one concert, introductng them in (not 'intro' as mistakingly believed), with the entire first bit coming from after dare and a failed attempt to destroy the demon boy, which has a lot of interpretations but does result in a radio on the way down into the hellmouth which inspired the chorus in DARE or is repeating it:
"'Murdoc!!!!! Russel... Is there anybody there??!!! It's me, Noodle...... Is there anybody there!!!! You need to reply...... Helllloooo!!! Come In...... It's Noodle... I've found the missing...... they're coming!!!! (quieter) the reception here is really terrible... (Back to normal volume) MURDOC!!!!!!...... Murdoc!!!! Come in!!!! They know where you......... Mur......... It's coming from...... Murdoc MAYDAY.... MAYDAY... Murdoc!!!!! COME IN GORILLAZZZZ!!!!!'"

This somehow sent back to the past and filtered on the way (or filtered once there by Murdoc, no surprise there) to what we get in M1A1, which is referenced forward or referenced back by Dirty Harry.

That is one example of a tangent of which I somehow need to transform into 75 words in her application.

.....who votes that I wait until my prescription morphine pills hit the deck and slam this thing out in a timed countdown of 10 minutes?


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